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1914 5A friction drive 1914 GEARLESS TRANSMISSION
This is the big feature of the Cartercar, the feature which enables the Cartercar to give service which the ordinary owners cannot get from gear cars.

First of all it is extremely simple. There are only two unit parts. This fact in itself is enough to make a Cartercar enthusiast of any man who has gear troubles.

But there are many other advantages. A Cartercar is easier to drive. You have an unlimited number of speeds, controlled easily and noiselessly with one lever. This must appeal to the man who realizes that he is not an expert mechanic.

There is nothing to cause trouble -- that's why Cartercar owners always say that they can depend on their cars. No matter how hard the pull you know that your Cartercar will get through it uninjured and ready for another hard struggle.

(from a 1914 catalog)

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