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Known Surviving Cartercars

This list of surviving Cartercars has been collected from various sources and was last updated in 2019.  If you are the owner of a Cartercar and would like to add or correct any information on this page, please send us an email at cars @ cartercar.org.  We would be glad to add pictures or any other information.

A list of Automobile Museums can be found here.
1907 A NJ
1907 A AK Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
1907 A TX
1908 D NE Merrick Auto Museum
1908 Merrick
1908 - FL Sarasota Classic Car Museum (Chassis only)
1908 Sarasota
1909 H Minature Tonneau MI Stahl Automotive Foundation Museum
1909 H Touring OH
1909 Touring CA
1909 Touring CA California Automobile Museum
1910 Model H Miniature Tonneau Belgium 1910 Belgium
1911 Touring (modified) SC
1911 H Touring IA Kline Museum
1911 ON Canadian Automotive Museum
1912 R Roadster Belgium 1912 Belgium
1912 IL
1912 OR
1912 FL
1912 MS
1913 5D Sedan CA JA Cooley Museum
1913 MN
1913 CA
1913 5A Touring MI Ye Ole Carriage Shop
1913 OR
1914 7 Touring MI
1914 7 Touring VA
1914 OR
1914 CAN
1914 CAN
1914 IL
1914 CO
1914 7 Touring WA LeMay Family Collection
1915 TX
1915 TX
1915 OR
1915 9 Touring NJ
1915 9 Touring WA LeMay Family Collection

This site is a work-in-progress to document Cartercar history and production. It will be improved as time and information permit.
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