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Cartercar - 1915 Models

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In what must have been a belt-tightening measure, the production was consolidated to only one model, the Model “9”, in both Roadsters and Tourings.  While Cartercar lasted longer than some other companies bought up in the first year of GM (1908-1909), it did not build any cars after May 22, 1915, although the corporation wasn't dissolved until later.

“Gearless Transmission Triumph” / “The New Cartercar and The New Cartercar Policy”

“With the advent of the new season, August 1st, 1914, the manufacturers of the Gearless Transmission Cartercars announce that their policy will be to concentrate all the energy of their present efficient organization on the production of but one model chassis and this on the embodiment of all the distinguished features of the other Cartercars – yet better than any of them”

1915 Model 9R - Roadster

1915 Model 9T - Touring

Detailed Specifications - Model “9”

The Model “9” chassis was very similar to the Model “7” chassis that preceded it, but the body was new and had a streamlined shape. It was offered with both touring and roadster bodies. The model year started on August 1, 1914 and ended Saturday, May 22, 1915 when Cartercar production ended permanently. There were no 1916 models.

Motor 192.4cu 4cyl cast enbloc L-head, 30HP @ 1700rpm (rated at 19.6 NACC HP), detachable head

Wheelbase/Track 106 in WB, 56 in Track (60 in track optional)

Steering Worm-and-nut with 17 in wheel

Tires: 33x4

Colors: Raven Blue or Cartercar Gray with Black running gear

Standard Equipment Leather Upholstery, “rain vision ventilating windshield,” Delco Electric Starter, Electric Lights and Horn, Demountable Rims, Speedometer, License Tag Holders, Mohair Top, Extra Rim, Tools and Jack.

Notes: Similar to the Model “7”, the Model “9” has many parts that come from other GM companies such as a Northway engine (model 52 or 54?), Weston-Mott axle, Hyatt bearings and Jacox steering.

Differences from the 1914 Model “7”

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