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Model “A” fixed Tonneau

One of the first two body styles of the Motorcar Company, the Model “A” survived through multiple “seasons” (model years).

Price $1,350

Weight 1600 lbs

Color Brewster green

1907 Model A

1907 Model C

1907 Model D

1907 Model E - Folding Tonneau Closed and Open

1907 Model F

Chassis Specifications (all models):

Motor 214 ci – 5-1/2 in Bore, 4-1/2 in Stroke 2 cylinder opposed, 20-24 HP

Wheelbase/Track 96 in Wheelbase

Steering Worm and Segment

Tires: 30 x 3-1/2

Springs Semi-elliptic, 2 in wide – Front: 40 in long; Rear: 48 in long

Drive Single chain

Axles Tubular – Rear: live axle, 1-1/4 dia with Hyatt roller bearings and Brown-Lipe differential, end thrust carried by ball bearings; Front: large ball bearings in wheel hubs

Frame 3-1/2 in pressed steel

Brakes Two: Friction transmission reverse and Raymond (band) on rear hub operated by foot lever (“emergency only”)

Gasolene Tank 15 gallons

Standard Equipment 3 oil lamps, tube horn, mats, tire repair kit, dry cell batteries, battery box of pressed steel with tray for small tools on running board. All bodies ironed for tops. Only standard American tires are used.

Extra Equipment Special colors, tops of all styles, gas head lamps, gas tanks or generators, extra tires with covers and holders, speedometers, odometers, clocks, etc.

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Differences from 1906:

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